I got flowers from my husband Friday - I call it Spontaneous Romance and I love it:

He, Eric, as in my husband, my sometimes, better half, came home with flowers for me today. Not just any kind of flowers either. My favorite white roses, mixed with a little color just because he thought Iíd like them. I love spontaneous romance,the kind that is not spurred by a specific day or occasion, the kind that really means something because it was not pre-meditated. He does it purely because he knows it will make me happy, and itís just one of the many gestures, like the way he carefully replaces the comforter back over me before he goes to work in a morning or clears the snow off my car in sub-zero temps to save me from doing it. Itís all these little things that he makes happen, simply just because...
Because he loves me. ~ 27 Oct 2006

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