Don't say I didn't warn you -- I took a gazillion pictures!

Journaling: So much of the fun of attending an FSU game in Tallahassee is enjoying the traditions that surround each home game. As we started to walk into Doak Campbell Stadium, the Marching Chiefs came down the street on their way to the game. Itís always fun to watch them parade in, each section doing something a little different, like dancing or chanting. After the players warm up on the field, they get in a tight circle and raise their gold helmets in the air. They used to do this on the Seminole head in the center of the field, but then the opposing team wanted to walk on our head -- no, no, no! Just before the game starts, the world famous Marching Chiefs pour onto the field from the tunnel in the end zone where they spell out N-O-L-E-S toward the home side and F-S-U and the spears toward the visitor side. As the band leaves the field, the sousaphones run to the center of the field and circle the Seminole head. Then Chief Osceola rides onto the field on Renegade, an appaloosa. He plants the flaming spear at mid-field to start the game. It never gets old, and itís always thrilling.

As the game begins, the crowd does the tomahawk chop and the war chant. I love seeing the whole stadium of garnet and gold chopping and chanting. During the game, Chief Osceola and Renegade ride back and forth across the end zone near the student section. After each score they run out onto the field to whip up the crowd. In the student section, the Glitter Guys lead the cheers. They are covered from head to toe in garnet and gold glitter; I canít imagine how long it must take them to get it out of their hair after a game, but I sure love seeing them. Halftime was special at the Clemson game because FSU retired the jersey of one of its premier players -- Derrick Brooks. He was part of the first national championship team in 1993 and later helped lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to their first Super Bowl championship. A local sportswriter called him Floridaís greatest player because he played his entire career from high school through the pros in Florida. After a sluggish three quarters, we finally scored a touchdown in the 4th quarter and the Noles flags came out. The score was tied at 13-13 when Dustin Hopkins booted a 55-yard winning field goal through the uprights in the final seconds of the game. The stadium erupted in wild cheers, and the entire team poured onto the field to celebrate. It doesnít get much better than this. 11.13.10

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