What a fun, fun challenge Mel posted on the DD blog this morning! Check it out and join in! Designer Details So, yes, my title is a play on words... not only does it have to do with the story (it's actually a BIG part of the story!), but my dad always, always has a twinkle in his eye... he's got a wonderful sense of humor! Can you see the twinkle in his eye? And, I must say, I had fun playing w/Anna's new "Art Play" kit... that's ALL I used on this layout! Kind of different for me, but totally fun!

I find it pretty funny, really... you, who have never, ever used a computer in your life, has a favorite font! For years, you have relied on Mom to type (on the NON-electric!) type- writer whenever youve needed to create documents for your work on the church board. But, one day, the secretary at work typed something for you... using the Comic Sans font. And, from then on... no more typing from Mom! Which Im not sure made her happy or sad... at any rate, the church secretary would type for you and always use Comic Sans. At one point, a few years back, I designed a 3-fold flyer for you and you strongly suggested, of course, that I use Comic Sans! Every time I see the font, I think of you, Dad!

ArtPlay Palette Thankful Heart

Thanks for looking! Debi