You and Elena. You have been best friends forever. I think it was grade 8 when it really started, and it has endured through all of Junior High and high school and beyond. She is the most amazing girl. She gets you in a way that no one else gets you. She is kind and considerate and can make you smile like no other. She makes you laugh, really laugh and she sides with you when you need someone to understand your point of view. She is the first person you text in the morning and the last one at night. As your mom, I can clearly see the bond between you and I hope it lasts a lifetime. A strong friendship is so very important to have in life. You know I secretly (ok not so secretly, lol) hope that one day you will marry this girl, but if not, she will always be an important part of our family. Our beautiful, sweet, amazing Elena.

Katie Pertiet-Stacked Vintage Frames No4, Naturally Krafty no7, Found In Nature Brushes, Thankful Memories, Email Inspiration Dates, Monarchy Kit, Zipper pulls
Anna Aspnes-Fall Frame Transfers, Stitched By Anna No7
Michelle Martin-Linnea Kit