So, I didn't actually remember to snap a photo of the actual catapult, once it was built and decorated... nor did I get any photos of the girls launching the pumpkins, but I did manage to snap one pic as they first tackled the assignment. (Notice Shannon's "Mom, why are you taking photos now?" look? hahaha) Anyways, the story did get told, despite my lack of photos! *grin*
Of course, Michelle's new template made it easy! (Easier than building a catapult from scratch!) To frame the layout a bit more, I duplicated the template's brackets, enlarged them a bit and dragged them outside the template grouping... I love 'tweaking' templates! *grin* Katie's rubber band wraps were the perfect accent, tying into the end of the story. And, tell me Lynn's kit and Pattie's screws weren't just made for this layout, huh?

So, you and Kendall were partnered up for the physics project this semester: Build a catapult. And, not just build a catapult, but build it to launch mini pumpkins at least one meter up into the air, at least two meters forward, go through the hole in the net and drop into the little blow-up pool that the teacher sets up. That was the assignment. And, how to get 100%. Katie came over to help the first afternoon, but for the next three days, you and Kendall worked and worked and worked. Building, testing, tweaking. And, tweaking some more. But, your pumpkins just weren’t going the distance. With the launch the next day, it was “crunch” time, but, you girls didn’t panic. You simply decided to change the way it launched from “weight- based” to “tension-based”... using large rubber bands. A simple change and it was a total success. And, near perfection: You got 95%!

Rubber Wraps No. 01 (top wrap, slightly recolored)
Rubber Wraps No. 02 (bottom wrap with tie; slightly recolored)
Patterned Tapes No. 01

Layered Memories No. 130
Eilon Solids Paper Pack
Eilon Paper Pack (gold patterned paper)

Good Company Paper Pack (brown check patterned paper)

Home Handyman Element Set (nails)

Fasten Its! No. 03 (screws)

How’d They Do That? No. 10: Blend, Burn, and Dodge
(used on the tape to make it "form" over the brackets and photo edges)

Thanks for looking! Debi