Our four year old grandson made a great card for me (Monnie is his name for me - his grandmother) for Grandparent's Day.

All of his GREAT little drawings are my very first effort at making my own brushes. What fun it was to see them appear in my brushes dropdown after fiddling with making them for an hour or two!

The journaling reads ...
"James drew a wonderful card for Monnie at pre-school and all of these drawings are the very ones he did with his markers. Of course, Monnie loves her card so much . . . And since it was the first time he had written “I Love You”, his mama was so jealous that the card was not for her!"

What I wonder, but was afraid to ask James is what are the hanging bags under the arms?

Fonts are Arial for the journaling & Kid’s First Print for “james” and “4 years old”
Background paper is Katie Pertiet's kaki dot paper from her Grace papers used with an overlay to make it softer.
Katie's between the lines red “J” at the beginning of the journaling and Katie's splatter brushes for three of the very small paint splatters.