Every year about mid-September, the angst begins: what to be for Halloween? This year, as we purused online catalogs, we realized that costumes that used to look cute on younger boys can be decidedly uncool on 8 year olds in larger sizes. I really wanted to build a robot costume, all crafty-mom style, like my friend Cassie, but Michael stopped me in my tracks and told me I was nuts. “You know you don’t have time. Plus, there’s the overspray from the silver paint to deal with.” Good point. I ruled out Mario and Luigi out of sheer principle. “You don’t want to look like a dork, do you?” I didn’t think so.
Then out of the blue, you had it. The most brilliant idea ever. “Mom, I want to be a rock star.” Of course you do! We can make that cool. Because it IS cool. The question is who? What era? That was easily answered by your hair, which has a will of its own, and begs to be pulled up and shaped into maniacal twists with Bed Head products. A touch of blue hair spray gave it a little edge. We added earrings, eyeliner, cut off gloves, a wrist band, jeans, skull tee, skater shoes, and a Paper Jamz guitar.
Dude. Rock on.
P.S. Don’t get any ideas. You’re still taking piano.

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