Justa regular Saturday with visits to Costcos and Red Robin...

eisurely mornings followed by a brunch of french toast &
sausages if Eric is feeling up to it. Ella usually has dance
class but today was Grace’s birthday party. Afternoons
are often shopping days, to include but not limited to,
Costcos or the commissary, the mall and dinner. We
like Red Robin, not so much because they do great fries
and strawberry lemonade, but the kids like it and are
mostly well behaved. On this day we headed of to the
“Diamond shop” as Ella puts it to get her ears pierced,
and couldn’t resist a “quick” trip into the GAP.

Katie Pertiet - Journaling Stamps, Date Stamps Vol 3, Alpha Stamp, Ledger Brush from Botanist Notebook Kit Vol 4
Rhonna Farrer - Peace Out Brushes
Scrapartist - Retro Stamp