So, all this patterned paper talk this past weekend had me inspired to get outta my cardstock/kraft box! LOL And, Merr's pick for this week's "3 Kits 3 Ways" challenge on the DD blog inspired me even more!
I had a bit of fun with Anna's wordart, "cutting" it apart and make the "me" a sticker since the journaling and photo is about me AND the moment!
I usually try to stick with ONLY the three kits, but this time, I did add one other product: Cathy's template... those four squares were perfect for this layout! *grin*

i remember this exact moment... i really do. i don’t remember if we were going to colorado or coming home from colorado, but i remember the moment very well! almost every summer, our family went on a road trip--yes, that’s our funky travel trailer in the photo--and we ventured to many places in the western united states in that trailer. our trip in the summer of ‘69 was to colorado, staying in the hughes’ cabin in cortez and visiting durango and silverton via the narrow-gage railway. we also made the trek to the indian ruins at mesa verde and, as you can see in the photo, to four corners. you can tell we’re a bit road weary which makes me think we’re on our way home, but i distinctly remember selfishly claiming the center spot on the four corners, so i could actually be in all four states at the same time! hey, i’m the oldest so that was my perogative, right? ☺ (me 15 . laurie 13 . brian 11)

Drawn Stitches No. 02 Brushes and Stamps
(Brush border under focal photo)

Stina Kit
(Solid and patterned paper, flower and epoxy)

Observe WordART No. 01
(Title wordart)

Layered Template No. 46

Thanks for looking! Debi