** ETA - they got the kayak back yesterday. Smile the guy was looking straight into the camera and the police in the town down the river from us recognized him. **

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The police are here.
Chris: I saw the guy who stole our kayak.
Elaine: People steal kayaks here?
Chris: He told me he bought it at Kittery Trading Post for $350. Its an LL Bean kayak. You dont buy an LL bean at Kittery Trading Post!
Captain Kelly: Where is he now?
Chris: After I confronted him I ran bsck to the house and checked the VIN # and it matched.
Sara: He paddled back by but I got a picture on Debbies camera with her zoom lens. Hes looking right at me.
Chris: I figured Mike was buff & could help me if I needed.
Scott: Im in good shape. I could have followed him to Newmarket.
Chris: What would you have done?
Debbie: You had your VIN & could find it?
Isaac. Why would you steal a
kayak and then paddle it back
by the place you stole it from?
Hannah: Exactly!