You had been asking when you’d be able to go to school like Grace and we told you it would be another year or two. We put you on the waiting list for Ms.Renee’s preschool class, but when school started it was already full. Fortunately, within a month of school starting we received a call from Ms.Renee. There was an opening in the 1/2 day class. You were so happy and excited to be going to school, making friends, and playing in the playground. We especially loved the first few days and the conversations we had about your day in class.

Day One:
Ms. Renee, “We are done cutting apples, do you want to cutout some paper shapes?”
Sarah, “Well that’s why I’m here”

Day Two:
Mandy, “How was school? What did you do?”
Sarah, “I cut apples with a knife” {long pause} “Actually, Ms.Renee didn’t teach me that much”

Day Three:
Mom, “How was your day?” “Did you have fun?”
Sarah, “Yes, I had so, so much fun” {long pause} “well, its not dance class”

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