Copycat Challenge #57 from Creative Inspiration Blog. Thanks for the inspiration for this page! I love how intently it looks like Santa is listening to Zach. I was several feet away (and of course Zach can't talk!) but this is the conversation I imagined them having.

Hi Santa.
I've been a very good boy.
I'd like a teddy bear...
a box of paci's...
and for my mommy to
stop making me wear hats.

Katie Pertiet:
Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 01
Rounded Corner Stitching Holes Brushes and Stamps
Loosely Labeled No. 04
Pinned Tabs No. 01
Pinned Tabs No. 03
yarn tie from On The Go Kit
Twisted Stitches
Mindy Terasawa:
Colorful Christmas Solids and Glittered Paper
I Believe Solids
background paper from Michelle Martin's Neroli Paper Pack
Anna Aspnes:
Stitched By Anna Scalloped Borders Black No. 01
Stitched Layered Template Number and Punctuation Black No. 01
Pattie Knox:
Staple Its!
metal clip from DIY Party Pennants
other papers, polka dot ribbon tab, and felt ribbon by Shabby Princess
silver brads from My Digital Studio