Scraplifted from the "Every little thing" Idea book. The layout "mulching the beds" by Amy L

Supplies Used (all Designer Digitals):

Credits coming soon, I seem to have walked off with the paper I wrote them all on!

Journaling reads: The boys can not wait for our new baby to get here. Each new piece of baby gear I get out to clean and prepare they have to inspect and try out. The car seat was very popular, and it quickly became clear that both boys have way out grown it! Austin loves the bouncy seat and loves to lay in it wrapped in a blanket. The bath chair also got a workout, although I am not sure why Austin AND the pretend baby are in it! I frequently find the pretend baby in the bouncy seat, crib or car seat. My favorite game relating to baby preparations is when the boys find a couple baby blankets and have me wrap their “babies” up in them. They then tenderly carry them around and take good care of them. I love to see their excitement and their desire to nurture. Pictures taken - 1/9, 2/13, 2/17 & 4/4/2009

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