I loved this all about me challenge in things I believe. Thanks for looking!

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Pelican Park Kit (buttons)

Jesse Edwards: Web Challenge – paper 3/30/08

Text reads: i believe in love and all that it entails, i believe in happy ever after, why not, i believe in looking at the positive side of things, i believe in spending more than you make, i believe you truely get what you pay for, i believe the best deals are an additional % off, i believe in letting children play to explore, i believe in second chances, in most cases, i believe God gives you what you can handle, i believe there is a heaven awaiting those who believe, i believe in morning coffee to get the mind moving, i believe in friendship to share what’s on your mind, i believe in a forever with the person you say I do, i believe in forgiveness even when it doesn’t seem fair, i believe in family and that’s what’s most important, i believe in dance and the power of movement, i believe in trying new things, well maybe not all, i believe that listening is a powerful tool, i believe in caring and helping others, i believe in fairness and doing what’s right, i believe in traditions and keeping the spirit alive, i believe in hopes, dreams and wonder, i believe in supporting family when you can, i believe in creativity and sharing ideas, i believe in cooking and creating meals, i believe in not following a recipe, just cook