I was never lucky enough to meet my grandparents on my mom's side, and always felt such a loss because of that. I was so pleased when my mom showed me photos of her parents. I never saw pictures of them when I was young, so I never thought she had any. I think these old family photos of my mom's family filled an empty spot in my heart.

Journaling reads: I feel like a detective, trying to find out about the lives of family I never knew. I piece together a life from old records, photographs, and what my mom remembers about her parents, who died long ago.

I wonder about what their lives were like, in an era so different than today. It is hard for me to imagine what life was like in the late 20's. It was a different world for my grandparents, hunting with the thought of it helping to make ends meet. I am sure they managed, but their life was by no means easy. Only two of six children born by the time this photo was taken in the mid 1920ís. With only Flossie Maeís mother Catherine, they left the saftey of family, and moved from North Carolina to see what life would be like in Texas. Having been a cobbler, and having worked on his momís farm, Adam Clinton Moore tried his hand at a good many jobs, and proved quite versatile.
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