A little story from the other night involving Luke.

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Monday June 21, 2010 : We sat down together, the 3 of us, after dinner to watch a recording of Man v. Wild, which has become somewhat of a habit so far this Summer. It’s a good show for us to watch together as it keeps us all interested in one way or another. We like Bear Grylls. He’s English, familiar, reminds us of Uncle Del, has some *moves* with WOW factor, a popular form of entertainment in today’s world, he’s educational, and also happens to be very easy on the eye.
This particular episode was Bear’s 25 greatest moments. He begins the show making a parachute jump from a tiny aeroplane 30000ft abovc a tiny island in Indonesia. Having said his last prayers, he begins his free-fall in which Luke, having complained thus far about the show not being a *regular show*, pipes up “Mom, why is he not wearing any shoes?”
I am thinking what, “WHAT??? Why is he jumping out of a perfectly functional aeroplane?” The fact that he’s not wearing any shoes could not be further from my mind. Does he think it’s normal to be jumping out of planes. Should I be worried?
So interesting to reflect on our very differing perspectives.

ArtPlay Palette BBQ(background paper and photo turn)
PotPourri Paperie No. 3 (textured solid paper)
Abstract FotoBlendz No. 2
LabelTransfers No. 1 ElementSet
PotPourri FotoFrames No. 1
LoopDaLoop Clocks No. 1
DifferentStrokes No. 4 BrushSet

Stitched by Anna White No. 6
Journey WordTransfers No. 1
Chunky Torn Edges No. 2