A story about Ella.

Such a profound statement for a such a young soul. We were sat around the table for dinner and Ella was taking on her self-assumed role as third parent and Dad and I disciplined Luke. Yes. Life is waiting for you and Luke both, and the future is whatever you want it to be. This is not what you meant though. You were telling Luke that life is all about waiting, and at age 7 years,, I suppose you are ALWAYS waiting something. Waiting for me, waiting for your turn to speak, waiting for the school bus, waiting for your next birthday, or for Christmas, waiting to be grown up so you donít have to wait anymore, or so you think. I see so much of myself in you. Have patience my sweet girl and enjoy your childhood. Donít wish it away and feel like you are constantly waiting for the next best thing. Life happens all too quickly and you must embrace every imperfect moment. Photo: Winter 2OO9, Story: May 2OlO

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