So, um, yeah... she's rocks! (And, yes... I "stole" the pics from Sam!)

Yes, fabulous would be the perfect description of my friend, Sam... not only is she a dear friend (who just happens to live across the world!), she and I share a love for soccer, too! And, now it’s the World Cup... being played in South Africa (for the first time ever in an African country) and, of course, she’s thrilled ‘cuz she lives in SA. So, she and Ian enter the lottery for tickets and one of the games they get tickets for is the England vs. USA game! A HUGE game! So, they drive up to the stadium a day early and watch a live telecast (with thousands of other people) of the South Africa vs. Mexico game. And, (here’s the fabulous part!) she proceeds to call me so I can actually hear the excited fans screaming and the vuvuzuelas buzzing... pretty cool, huh? I felt like I was there! At least for a minute or two! LOL But, it gets better... the next evening, at the England-USA game, she calls again so I can hear and feel the energy! It was so loud I actually couldn’t hear HER! But, no matter... until her phone battery died, we texted back and forth during the game. I told you she was fabulous! ☺ And, believe it or not, this wasn’t the first time she’s done this... last year, she texted me running commentary on the USA vs. Spain game in the Confed Cup in SA since I was unable to watch it. And, not only that... she was cheering for the USA just like me! Yep... she is quite fabulous, indeed!


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