This layout is for my DD about her Daddy. This was a layout designed by Katie during the San Antonio DigiScrap last year and I brought it out to tweak it and finally send it to print.

I wanted to post this to let people know that these guys are working day and night trying to fix the mess in the Gulf of Mexico. Just know that you can't always depend on the press to give you the full story. These oil men know their jobs, and BP has amassed the largest crew EVER to get this thing fixed. If you could see their exhausted faces you would know that they are throwing everything they have at this. These are good hardworking men and women. These are my family, friends and neighbors. They know it is bad, they know it is mess and they are working so hard to get it done.
All politics aside, just know they are consumed by it. We all are consumed by it. It occupies the conversation here in Texas above all else. DH is one of many engineers working on the relief well side. I take both pride and comfort, because I know he will succeed. He is good!!