I asked my mom to tell me about the main picture for these pages!
These are pictures of my mom, with her parents, as a child

journaling reads:
It must be 1941 and the pictures were taken at a country
club in Greenwich, Conn. called Tamarack. My parents,
mostly my father, played golf and it had a beautiful course
and also a great pool where I learned how to swim. It was
about a half hour drive from Bronxville and we would go
there every weekend with the Nye's (the girl with pig-tails
and her brother Joey). I remember there were lots of roller
coaster type bumps along the Hutchinson River Parkway
and we used to shriek with glee when we went over them.

background paper [recolored] from Sunday Gardener
Botanist Workbook No. 3
Stamped Stitches No. 8
Vintage Postage 4
Chipboard Alphabet: White
Letters Home [recolored]
Drop Shadow Styles