Luke at breakfast last week... The irony of the *Boy Genius* tee and the tie. Totally unplanned. I paired these photos with some ongoing musings I have as a Mom.

I often wonder what kind of man you値l be when you grow up? Will you be successful, will you be kind, will you be bigger than me, will you be still as affectionate? The first 5 years of your life have not always been easy, with many more bumps along the way, I知 sure. Call it mother痴 intuition but I imagine you値l be athletic, smarter than your peers, but equally as popular.

You値l have your pick of the girls, and perhaps not treat them as you know you should (and how your Mom would expect you to). At least, not in the beginning...But as you find your way. You値l be a leader, not a follower, and based on your current football aspirations, play for the high school football team.Your Mama has always said, 登ne day, he値l make us proud, and whatever you become an d how you get there, I know in my heart, that she is right. May 2010

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