So, um, yeah... I told you I was addicted to these templates! Even w/o the flower, they look good! *wink*

So, last night about 10:30-ish, I’m at my desk and Dad’s cell phone rings... unusual at this hour. After a few persistent rings, I go check it. Before I get to his phone, it goes to voicemail, but now my phone rings. Before I can answer my phone, the caller hangs up. And then the home phone rings. OK. Some- thing’s up... my first thought was Dama ,since I’d seen a 644-number flash on my phone. So, when the home phone rang, I grabbed it so fast! I wasnt going to miss another call! It was the city’s “automated emergency” call center with a message about “...numerous vehicle burglaries...” in our area. Which is really weird. [We also got an email and the helicopter started buzzin’ over the neighborhood!] When I told the kids, Derek suggested getting the money outta Rick’s truck. (Rick always leaves cash in there--I HATE that!) So, I grab the car keys and flashlight and Derek grabs... two big knives from the kitchen! What the...? He was gonna save me from any bad guys if they happened to be outside! Man, I love this kid!


Graphed Paper No. 3 **COMING 5/23!** (background)
Classic Cardstock: Winter Park (navy)
Metal Monograms No. 02

Lars Solid Paper Pack **COMING 5/23!** (brown paper)
Layered Memories No. 102

Little Enamel Elements: Cars and Trucks
Epoxy Extravaganza: Squared: Assorted Page Accents

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