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We all thought Hamid had been too hard on you girls after your final game at Nationals... all of you left the field with heads hung low... sad and dejected. and yes, there were even a few tears. You girls had played GREAT against a top Premier team, losing only 0-1. Why would Hamid chastise you? Well, as it turned out... he didn’t. He actually told you how proud he was, how well you had played and how much you’ve improved as a team over the past season... and how much he’d miss you, since he was accepting a coaching position at UCSB and would no longer be your coach. *sad face* No wonder the long faces. The news was pretty devastating to everyone... Hamid is the best coach you’ve ever had and I think everyone felt that way, too. He will be sorely missed. Just so very sad...
Cal South Nationals, Camarillo, CA
Round of 32 vs. Legends Black (Premier)
April 2010


Le Marché Cardstock Paper Pack (background)
Classic Embossed Grids Paper Pack No. 01 (squares)
Messy Stamped Alphabet No. 07 Brushes and Stamps
Date Tags No. 03

Layered Memories No. 103
Ingrid Kit (blue, white papers)

DIY Acrylic Alphabet No. 04
Little Enamel Accents: Sports

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