I have no idea how old I am in this photo, maybe around 10-12 years. I just sent an email to my Mum to ask her, but a few memories on holiday (vacation) reading. Will add the date and place (either Spain or S. France) when she gets back to me.

I like to read but I donít often make the time to do it in my adult life. Mostly I read on vacation, a practice that goes back to my early childhood. Every summer we would have a 2 week holiday in Spain or the South of France where TV was all in a foreign language. I remember picking up my first novel while in Spain at age 7 years. I started with *Naughty Amelia Jane* by Enid Blyton and progressed to the the *Famous Five* series. I read loads of books that during those few weeks. Later I enjoyed the Roald Dahl classics. These days my reading is more educational but I still enjoy a good novel, when I have the time. Filed: May 2010.

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