Ella's snake encounter at school last week.

Journaling:Integrated Arts Night at Buffalo Trails Elementary was an interesting event! Ella was very excited about
*The Snake Lady* who would be there with all 50 or so of her reptiles. The lady in question happened to be
a science teacher at the local Thunder Ridge High School in Aurora. She uses the reptiles demonstrating science. She had many of her students, who are intregral to the snakes care, with her, handling all the snakes, both very large and small. Rumour has it that when they built the school they kept finding snakes and then as the years passed they have inherited more exotic species such as *Duchess*, this Boa Constricter, wrapped around my baby girl! Whoaaahhhh! I’m not a snake girl at all. I have become used to them after my many encounters around the reservoir, but from a distance. I got close enough to grab a few shots but I wasn’t going to touch them Ella, on the other hand, really surprised me, yet again. She’s never expressed a liking for snakes. In fact, I actually thought shewas quite scared of them, but on this night, she jumped right in and couldn’t get enough of them. Of course, she now wants to attend this middle school so she can take the infamous *Slither* class, and we ended the night with a resounding, *Can we have a snake Mom?*
Sorry darling. I think not!
22 April 2010

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