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We had a certain pony behave very BADLY this weekend. Since I was so mad and upset over it, I thought I would create a page!

Journaling reads:
"Have you heard that new country song “Giddy On Up, Giddy On Out?” It applies to our little pony today. On the surface these photos look like everything is just wonderful, but it was so not the case. Miss Belle, cute little pony that she is, was one BIG MESS. She was defiant. She was stubborn. She was acting like a spoiled mare. I watched her rear to the darn near vertical with my poor 9 year old on top. I wish I would have had my camera up at that very moment to catch it, but I was busy picking my jaw up off the ground!! I was so close to throwing my camera off and hurtling that fence....I really was. I think I could have done it pretty well too! Maddie handled it perfectly. She grabbed her saddle and hung on. On the ride home she said she was mostly afraid Belle was going to lose her balance and fall backwards. She is one brave kid. I applaud her guts. I didn’t tell her but I was still shaking on the inside. My motherly advise to Belle is “You better shape up or your gonna find yourself giddy on GONE!” GHHJA Pine Hill, TX 4/24/10"

Thanks for looking!