Journaling: Itís been a challenging year, hasnít it? The scariness of leaving home, all that anticipation and uncertainty, and then, harder, betrayal and lost friendships and the confusion of broken relationships back home. Youíve been hurt; youíve been disappointed by people you have loved with all your tender heart. But along the way youíve shown us all --even yourself--that there is strength and courage in that tender heart. You can be tender without being fragile: Thatís a good thing to know. Will I, do I, still fear how that heart may be hurt in days to come? Yes: thatís motherhood. But it doesnít mean I donít see how brave and strong you are, how resilient, and how beautiful your steady, giving nature is, even wounded. You did not get that from me, my dear, and I think itís the most amazing thing.

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