After seeing all the wonderful inspiration Katie Pertiet takes from the world around her, I was determined to pay more attention to the things I was seeing in my everyday life. As I was sitting on the park bench watching my boys play I noticed the pattern of circles on it. That is what inspired me with the circles on this layout. Designer Digitals inspires me in more ways that just having AMAZING supplies for me to use!

Products used -

Cathy Zielske -
Dotted and Dashed Brushes and Stamps (pieces used to make the center line of dots)

Dotted n Dashed Circles Brushes and Stamps

(Thank you Cathy, I think these dotted and dashed frames are my new favorite supply!)

Anna Aspnes-
PotPourri Paperie

(And Anna, thank you for my other new addiction, the potpourri paperie)

Journaling reads - I have had a hard time finding foods that Jason will eat, but I have found a winner with Macaroni and Cheese. He will eat any amount hat I put in front on him. however, there is a catch - he wants to eat it on his own. He chases the slippery noodles around the table, and then works to pinch it between his chubby little fingers. From the table to his mouth is the easy part. Add a liberal amount of cheese smeared around on his face and hands and you have an accurate picture of meal time. {3.13.10}