After seeing the custom posters by Hoot Design Co. I was so inspired I had to try it out. I've spent the better part of yesterday and today doing this for Rilyn, Next is Tanner. Smile
All DD:
Messy Stamped Alph no7
Basic Paper Alphabet:pink
Basic Paper Alpha: Beige Caps
Alandia Meadow Alpha
Birdwatcher Silhouettes no3
Love grows no4
Stargazers No1 brushes n stamps
Wynken Blynken and Nod sticker recolored
Sentiments with Whimsy
Birthday no.1 brushes and Stamps
2010 Month set brushes and stamps
Typesets Memory no1
Typesets Girlie
Nia Kit Brush
Miranda Brushes and Stamps
Luau Kit
Frog Prince Kit
Elodi Element Pack
Jelly Alpha No. 9 COMING SOON
Brianna Brushes and Stamps
Emery Kit recolored
Skribbel Arrows no.1
Art Warehouse:
Sweet Cheeks Stickers recolored
Doodled Flowers no.2