One week of Spring Break and one week to go... I'm taking the week off to be with my family. There has been no time for blogging, much less scrapping this past week, as I've been busy creating. Watch for 14 new products being released over the next 2 weeks.

There was a request in the forums for mermaids and so I was inspired to create the new ArtPlay Palette Mermaids

Here's my layout, and the story (lifted from a 2007 post on my blog, with a little elaboration):

Ella continues to tell me she misses me when she gets on the bus in the morning for school, but she goes without any problem. She loves her teacher and has a "mystery" friend, whose name remains so far unknown. This week she has developed an interest in drawing mermaids. She saw someone draw one and now she is intent on trying her own hand is drawing them over and over again. I have so many pages of these mythical beauties. She seems as taken with them as she is Rapunzel. I remember being equally as mesmerized with mermaids as a child. I was besotted with the movie *Splash* and would try to swim like a mermaid during our Summer play in the outdoor pool. I still love the idea of mermaids. Ella and I share so many characteristics. We are sensitive souls blessed with far reaching imagination.
I love to see her in action. August 2007