So, OK... I've managed to find just enough time to whip up a quick layout for this Sunday's "Just My Type" challenge. Yes, I'll be posting from London... hehehe Seriously, I'm "post dating" my challenge so it'll be up on the DD blog on Sunday while I'm away. So, this is just kind of a 'tease' for ya'll--make sure you the blog Sunday for the official challenge!

The challenge this week will be to use "your" font as selected by the quiz in this thread:

What Type Are You?

So go take the quiz and be ready for Sunday's official post!

yeah... i really think i could. i know, i know... it’s an incredibly busy street. four lanes wide, actually. day and night... gazillions of cars. lots of people enjoying green grass of the park across the street or walking up and down on the park path. and even more people down on the boardwalk and the beach. and sure, you’ve got a view of the oil derrick islands (which are actually quite beautiful at night!) and you can see the cranes and the Queen Mary on the north end of the harbor. but, man... you should see the houses. beautiful old homes, carefully restored and meticulously maintained. craftsman... tudor... even 1950s modern. i LOVE this half-mile or so of long beach... i seriously love it. heck, even my car looks good parked in front of that gorgeous craftsman home, doesn’ it? yep.. every single time i drive by, i think i could live here. mar|2010

Photo Wraps No. 04
Just Linens Paper Pack No. 04
Title Lines Brushes and Stamps No. 02

Thanks for looking! Debi