Emilie lost (well, with a little help) her first tooth last July. This is another page for the DYL Class. (I don't think I would ever get 2009 done if it weren't for these classes!)

When we started this day, Emilie had two fairly wiggly teeth (on the bottom!) and two just barely wiggly teeth on the top. THEN, we took our trip to the science center. Emilie, Maddy and their cousins decided that it would be cool to try the static electricity exhibit. The man in charge told them to hold on to the metal bar with both hands. To do this, they had to put their arms through the railing that separated them from the exhibit. Then, the man told them to shake their heads and their hair would stand up. Well, Emilie didn’t make it very far before we heard her cry out. I ran over to her and there was blood all over her mouth and she was crying “My tooth!” While shaking her head, she had accidentally hit her mouth on the railing and knocked out one of her front teeth! I found the tooth on the floor and I took her to the restroom to get cleaned up. Emilie was really very brave about the whole thing until after I got her face all cleaned up. Then she looked into the mirror and exclaimed,
“Oh no! How am I going to eat!”
I couldn’t help but giggle as I told her that she would be fine and would still be able to eat anything that she wanted to eat. She relaxed and smiled and then decided that she loved the new look as she went out to show everyone her new toothless grin! That evening she went home and put her tooth into her special tooth fairy box and the next morning she awoke to find a shiny golden dollar!

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