Dearest Bonnie:

Do you remember our first face to face meeting? Sharing notes on photography with Katrina as you took beautiful portraits of Sarah? We waited for the bus to Epcot together, knowing a special day lay ahead. I knew it in my heart. I could feel it, and I knew you could too.

Do you remember how we sat on the Soariní ride at Epcot, side by side? I glanced over at you several times as your legs dangled, to see if you were smiling, just because I knew you would enjoy it. Your smile was wide just as I hoped. I loved that we shared that moment together.

Do you remember our conversation about healthcare afterward? How you shared your views on nursing, and your passion for education? I was so impressed with your wisdom and understanding of the art of medicine. You inspired me to be better at my job.

Do you remember how I looked at you with such admiration for the incredibly educated, self-sufficient woman you were? How I said that if I were ever sick in the hospital, I would want you to be in charge of my room?

Do you remember how we all huddled closely together (you sat in your special chair) mesmerized, while we took in the fireworks at Disney? Did you see me cry? I saw the emotion on your face as you looked at the castle. It was real and true.

My dear Bonnie, youíre gone and Iím here.

I remember all these things, and always will.

Look down on us and be our angel. Remember us too, with the love that we feel when we remember you.