Since I don't have any children and my siblings are so close in age to me, I did my own take of the AAM Challenge. I wrote a letter to myself at 17. I got the idea from a Brad Paisley song "Letter to Me".

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Right now, youíre 17 years old, and have no idea what the future holds. Keep up the good work in school, because it will pay off and youíll get into a great college, just maybe not the one you thought you wanted to go to. Also, it just doesnít matter if you donít get Aís in everything. Donít stress out about grades! When it comes to your friends, choose wisely. Some of them may be nice to your face, but you know who isnít behind your back. You may lose touch with those you think are closest to you over something silly, but your true friends will still be there for you 9 years later. I know you feel like your life wonít be complete unless you have a boyfriend, and thatís just not true. You may think youíll never find that perfect guy, but heís just around the corner. On that note, first impressions matter, but they donít mean everything. Just remember that on your first day of college! Speaking of college, itís really going to change your life in so many ways. Youíre going to decide on a career that suits you perfectly, youíre going to realize how important your family is to you, and youíre going to do things you never thought you would... I just donít want to spoil the surprise! In the future, you are so happy, and things are still going up from here. I know you donít want to hear this, but you are still in school. Work hard and donít be lazy, and everything will pay off. You have a loving and supportive husband and will soon have a career that you love. Your life is going to be amazing... I promise!
P.S. one last thing, be careful on Flippen Road going to and from your boyfriendís house in the next couple of years... try to avoid those two wrecks you have there!