Jessie Edwards - Caught Red Handed String
Pattie Knox - Staple Its
Ali Edwards This is the Day Word art
Dana Zarling - the IT Guy Paper pack (recolored)
Andrea Victoria - Autumn Air Paper pack (recolored)
Anna Aspnes - 12x12 Distressed edge overlays no. 6

Font - Ali's Hand

Journaling Reads : Today we decided to take a trip down to the park. You rode your big wheel the entire way - all by yourself. When we got there, you got out your snack - all by yourself. Then you decided that you wanted to do the rock wall. And you climbed it - all by yourself. You continued to show me how you could do each thing at the park - all by yourself. I was comforted to see that you still needed me to push you on the swing and help you across the monkey bars. I know it will not be long before you won’t even need my help on those. It wasn’t very long ago when you thought most things at the park were scary. Now you tell me “Mom, the rock wall is awesome, it is my favorite now.” You are growing up so fast. {2/26/10}

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