Dear Jacob:

I understand that you have lost an important tooth: the one right next to your two front teeth. Thank goodness it happened while you were eating an apple, and not because your dad had to pull it out with a string. I find it very refreshing that you handled this on your own, and didnít alarm your parents. You know how some kids can be such scardy cats about their teeth, but you are such a brave one.

Anyway, Iím supposed to give you a lecture about school and working hard, and blabbity Ė blab, but I know your dad and mom cover this all the time. How much can a kid take? And I also know you try really hard and for the most part, are pretty good in school, except sometimes you might forget your homework or maybe donít ask your teacher for help when she really could answer a question. So I thought Iíd cover the basics: Keep trying, donít give up, and donít let that goofball at your table push you around. (I know what heís up to, donít worry. Iíll deal with him later.) Also, make good friends and remember that I think youíre cool.

Tooth Fairies sometimes talk a lot, and you know how I can be about these things. Also, your mom said that she didnít want you to be spoiled and stuff, and not to leave you money because she already had it covered with that Diary of a Wimpy Kid book she bought you tonight. But I am the Tooth Fairy after all. And this is MY show. And I wanted to give you some money, because I think you are a good kid, plus I know your mom and dad agree.

Thereís some extra love (read: cash) in the envelope. Donít spend it all in one place. Seriously, dude.


The Tooth Fairy
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