Scraplift of - Jack - 9 days old by erintaylor

Katie Pertiet - Buttoned up - blank base and clear top
Splattered shapes no 1 (star)
Spot Dots paper pack (recolored)
Lil Bit Tags (stitch)

Art Warehouse - Candles and Cakes Solids (White Paper

Mindy Terasawa - The Love Bandit (Paper -recolored)

Dana Zarling - Birthday Boy (ribbon)

Journaling Reads -

You love your pacifier. You will choose it over eating unless you are really hungry. You have so many poopy diapers. It is 9:30 in the morning and you have already had 3! You arenít really spitting up, but you are prone to gagging every so often. It scares mom and dad. You need to be burped often when you eat because you get a lot of air bubbles. I love your dark hair. I am interested to see what grows back in after is falls out. When you are laying on my chest sleeping and I canít get enough of your soft little head. I love to rub my cheeks on it. We have to keep you in sleepers with hand covers because you keep scratching your face. I am enjoying every single moment with you. Little observations about Jason. April 11, 2009

I found a few little notes I had jotted down on the first few days after Jason was born. This was one of them.

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