A little milestone for Jake...

Thank goodness Cathy always leaves plenty of room for me to write. Smile

He takes after me (which I find wildly exciting). A journaler of boyish imaginations, writer of adventures, and reader of 7 year old literature, my boy does not love math. But he slugs through his lessons with a persistence that makes me proud. After the first semester of timed addition and subtraction tests, he came home proudly carrying his certificate: proof that he cleared the 5 minute hurdle on addition. I was so excited for him, and in my typical fashion, I overdid it just a tinge. “Jacob Anthony: boy genius, brilliant math expert!!!” I exclaimed, because of couse, he is to me. “Oh mom,” he said, sighing in the required fashion, with the embarrassment that has evidenced a little early for my liking. But as I watched, a little smile crept across his face. “Could you please tell all your friends mom? And make sure they know my name, ok?” Gotcha.

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