This was a wonderful challenge that helped me get introspective about what I love. Thanks Patricia!

Filmed Layered Template No 09
Filmed Template No 09
Candid Collection
Metal Type Cast Alphabet No 1

i remember sitting there on my couch. feeling so empty. i was watching oprah - a show about passion. women were standing up, announcing how they had found theirs. i had no idea what mine was, but at the same time, it felt at the tip of my tongue. a little fluttery feeling i can’t describe. it was in my subconscious, just waiting, and i knew it. | fast forward to 2005. halloween. an excited little 3 year old boy, dressed as bob the builder, waiting until dark to collect his candy. we went for a walk while we waited for the magic moment to start trick or treating. walking up the sidewalk to our house, i saw the brown truck. a surprise for me. the olympus slr i had just held at circuit city. the first shots i snapped were of jake sitting on the step. patiently waiting. i felt it. i looked at the screen and saw how the emotion there matched what i saw on my little boy’s face. i knew it then. it was mine. all i had to do was reach out and grab it.

the photos:
passion found: 1. the photo that started it all. the first shot with my new camera. 2. three little birds - a miracle in my palm tree 3. one of my favorite local spots: dunedin marina 4. standing atop sand key bridge watching the pirate ship 5. my special honey 6. the sands of honeymoon island 7. my little man 8. a favorite building on duval street, key west 9. a spot of whimsy in my garden.