My layout for Mel's cool challenge for this week's "Just My Type" on the DD blog. Check it out and join us: Designer Details

Katie made this week's challenge VERY easy for me! Her new "Found Alpha No. 1" will be in the store next weekend... she's already mixed up fonts and styles and colors! Yay!

But, I did 'mix it up' a little myself on the "priorities", using one of Pattie's enamel soccer balls for the "O"! *grin* I also wanted to use two different "F"s, so I copied the "E" and cloned out a 'leg' to get the different "F"s... can't do that w/paper! LOL Oh, and I used three different types of photos to document the different priorities I speak about in the journaling: Playing hard, playing w/friends and having fun and a scoreboard showing us winning! *smiley*


For some people, itís the win. Victory at all costs. Playoffs. Championships. For others, itís all about friendships and fun. It doesnít matter who wins. For yet others... varying degrees thereof. Me? I admit it... my priority is you. How well you played. How hard you worked. How much you contributed. After that, I want your teammates to play well and work together. And, yeah... have fun, too! And, while I like to win as much as the next guy, itís not my top priority. But, if you do... well, itís just icing on the cake!


Found Alpha No. 1 **COMING 2/14/10**
Tabbed Dates No. 2 **COMING 2/14/10**
Notebook Blocks Layered Template No. 06
Just Linens Paper Pack No. 03
Notebook Paper Pack No. 06
Date Labels No. 01
Kick It Brushes and Stamps

Little Enamel Accents: Sports

Thanks for looking! Debi