I just had to scrap this very average yet cherished photo of my son! It's just so "him".

Journaling reads:
You might not think thereís anything really special about this photo. I didnít either at first. I actually skimmed right over it ... bad angle, junky background, and itís a little fuzzy. But for some reason, I kept coming back to it. And I finally realized why. This...is you. This is the sweet little expression I see 1,000 times a day. The real, uncut, pure you. A little bit ornery, extremely wild, and 100% boy. YOU. No wonder I love this photo.

Papers, Frame and Circle Scribbles: Speak Frankly kit by Jennifer Adams Donnelly
Digital Date Stamps Vol. 6 by Katie Pertiet
Fonts: Interstate Light, Jane Austen and Steelfish

Oh my goodness, I just realized that I am a total confirmed TYPE JUNKIE! I was so proud of myself for using a heavily patterned paper (which is very hard for me to do) and look what's on the paper...more TYPE! (Sigh) There's no hope for me! lol Smile