Journaling: The boy with the thousand questions asks, Why do people drink coffee? And I answer, rambling, Habit. To be perked up. Lots of reasons. But later, I reflect. I started drinking coffee at prep school. It was available, seemed grown up, and I found with plenty of milk and sugar it tasted like coffee ice cream. Only hot. I'd sit in the dining hall in my oh-so-trendy Bean boots, down vest, wool plaid scarf and drink coffee. It was probably in college that it became a morning habit, and somewhere along the way I dropped the milk. I bought giant coffees at 7-11 on my way to work in my twenties. I stopped completely during three pregnancies but was happy to pick it up again once the babies came. In 2000 I dropped sugar from my diet and replaced the sugar in my coffee with half-and-half. I've become pickier about my coffee. I want it strong. I am a Starbucks gal; I love the cool factor, the free iTunes Pick of the Week, the bold coffee of the day. We buy whole beans and grind them. It's a nightly ritual, setting up the coffee maker so it's brewed by 6 a.m. Why do I drink coffee? Ah, I just like it, I guess--the hot drink, the creamy sharp flavor, the whole cool coffee culture.

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