This series of images give the impression of much greater functionality than we actually have. The paper
is held and viewed but not read and not comprehended.
For the last year I have held the responsibility for the financial life and the happiness of my parents.
I saw my fatherís decline and rally and my Motherís devotion.
But it has taken most of a year to really understand the value of mystery. In the spring of last
year before he lost his ability to speak and his coherence, I had a chat with my Dad.
He said he was ok with the unknown, with not knowing what would happen
when he died. In this year I have accepted the truth of the unknown during each of the glowing moments of living.
Mystery isnít
just for

PageKraft Notes: These photos were taken last fall when I was staying with my Dad so my Mom could go to church. It was a sweet moment and I wanted to connect it to the earlier knowledge I had gained from our talk in the spring. But it has taken until now to really be able to stitch this all together. Today, while writing the textÖ.all about control being so highly valued in our family and culture and learning the worth of mystery and not being so in controlÖ.I hit the X on the text and LOST IT ALL!! Mystery speaks louder than control. So I got to do it over again. Heart Work.
Building PAges: I am taking Debbie Hodge's class at her site and this is for our first assignment. I love what I have already learned and look forward to the rest of this month of lessons!!

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