On a lighter note... an old photo of my daughter in her second season of soccer. Way back when! LOL She was 5 in this photo and is now 16 and playing club and varsity soccer! Gotta love it!

Cathy Z completely inspired me from her blog post exactly one week ago today, 1/22/10. (I even used her template!) It's just taken me the week to get the layout done! LOL Her challenge: ...try and find a very specific story to pair with an adorable photo of your own. Scan your memory, find a story, and simply report it...
Bits & Pieces Thanks for the inspiration, CZ!

Oh, and the girls uniforms were peach colored (kinda hard to tell in the photo I scanned) and we're in Newport Beach, so... beach bunnies... peach bunnies! Get it? LOL

Ever since Shannon could walk and talk, she wanted to play soccer. Seriously wanted to play. As the little sister, she went to all of Derek’s soccer games. And, of course, she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t get out there and run up and down the field. It’s weird because you can’t really learn the game from watching 7-year-olds and we rarely saw it on TV. But somehow, Shannon just got it. Just had the knack for it. From the beginning. This photo was taken during her second season playing AYSO. She was 5½. And, look at her, dribbling and cutting away from the (albeit somewhat more distracted) competition. But, look at her move. Wow. We first met the Jenkins on this team (Lexi and Shannon play together in high school now!) and I remember Lexi’s grandmother always commenting about Shannon... “She runs like a gazelle!” “It’s Shannon 2, the other team 0!” were her two favorite sayings. And, while I questioned the comparision to a gazelle *smiley*, it really was amazing watching Shannon at that early age. And I’m so happy she still loves the game and I still get to see her play! (Journaling: January 2010 / Photo: Fall ’99)

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