So, this is taking a bit of a plunge for me... I don't usually put myself 'out there', so to speak. And, this is such a hard subject for me to tackle, to be honest. But, when I saw this stunning kit from our fabulous DD designers for the first time, I knew exactly what I was going to use it for... my lovely mother.

Hope. It gives us a belief in the future. A belief that everything will be OK. I keep telling myself it WILL be OK and I’m sure you tell yourself that everyday. Because you have always been the confident optimist. You prefer to see the good in everything and everyone. Except now. You can’t find any good in the cancer that has invaded your body. And, of course, neither can any of us. But, you still believe in good. You still have HOPE. And, you give us HOPE, too... ‘cuz we cannot imagine a day without you. So, we continue to pray and HOPE.
(Mom enjoying the knit scarf Laurie, Dale and Walker gave her... she doesn’t look like she had just finished six months of chemotherapy, does she?)

Everything I used on this layout comes from this fabulous kit:
Help Haiti Collaborative Collection

Proceeds from the kit all go to: Mercy Corps.... so far, DD has raised nearly $1000 for Haiti!

Thanks for looking! Debi