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Journaling: Since Katie started school, one or both of us have always attended Grandparentsí Day at her school. Itís a little easier now that Iím retired. And it also takes two of us now that Sam is also in school. This year we treated them to milkshakes before we took them home where Katie showed us her Guitar Hero skills.

(ETA: I don't know why the line shows up across my extraction. It's not there in the psd file. Argh!)

Katie Pertiet
Centered Heart Layered Template
Classic Cardstock: Foundation
Flossy Stitches: Brown
Jewelry Tag Alphabet No. 02
Alandia Noces Element Pack (tag)

Anna Aspnes
MonoBlendz Confiture Paperie
Stitched by Anna Borders Red No. 01

Pattie Knox
School Rules Kit (stickers)
Brad Bonanza No. 01: Digital Fasteners
Staple Its!

Ali Edwards
Family Hand Drawn Words
Everyday Hand Drawn Brushes

Cassie Jones
Laying It All Out No. 04: Extractions with Dimension

Trebuchet MS