Journaling: Age: 48. Living in suburban central Connecticut. Love language: English, Latin, Greek, French. Visual: image maker, map reader. Music listener--today, Jars of Clay, Phil Collins, Mark Knopfler; tomorrow, someone new. Gadget girl: iPhone, iPod, iMac. Reader, averaging 65 pages a day so far this year. Reformed theology: the grace-filled sovereignty of God gets me up in the morning and rocks me to sleep every night. Creative: words, pictures, pages. Gatherer of information: Twitter, blogs, the dead-tree newspaper. I love being with my children, who are funny, interesting, and smart. I love my husband of 23 years but wish I could love him better. I drink diet Coke every day. Iím grieving losses: friends, the vision I had for a future with friends no longer in the picture, the image I held of people I relied on who let me and my family down. It hurts still, four months later, and I wish I could move on, but I canít, quite. Iím processing transitions: a daughter away from home in college, a son pondering college in less than two years, the end of life as a mom of young children. Throwing myself into karate and not sure why, except itís another skill to master, more to learn. I like red wine and a good steak. I take a photograph pretty much every day without really trying. I watch almost no television and see very few movies; Iíd rather read the book. I really canít picture my life five years from now, which feels a little strange. Did I mention I really love my iPhone?

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