My Father didn’t die and I was born. That’s the biggest thing, the best story of my year. My Dad’s favorite toast for years and years is:
“May you live as long as you want to and want to as long as you live.”
He told me he just wants to “make this last as long as it will”. And I’ve been standing with him trying to make that so. Yet this year’s journey has been most significant in the test of immersion with my sisters and with my Mother’s family fantasy of our close, supportive
relationship. I’ve done my work in years way past, my hours of psychotherapy, journaling, making life choices and I have crafted my own true life. I’ve played the hand I was dealt.
But not until I was re-submerged in the crisis invoked quagmire of the family legacy, the story my Mother spun to keep us all ready to take care when this day came, not until I was back in the thick of it could I really free myself, in full consciousness, to my own authentic being.

Writing Process Notes: I wanted to tell this story for myself but I needed to work though just how much to put ON the page. The story, the plot, the characters of the events of the year might make TOO MUCH of a story - for one page and for the record, if you know what I mean. So to be true to myself and not too revealing of other people's reality (which I can't really know anyway) I thought a long time about HOW to express the transformation in my self during this year. The writing itself was free form to make sure my own voice came through. While the thinking for this page, the gathering of materials and the extraction (literally and figuratively, lol) took many, many days I completed the page on my Father's 91st birthday. And I LIKED that.

PageKraft Notes: This is a big page for me so I used symbols in the page that tell parts of the story for me in a sort of hidden language. The Ace of Hearts playing card is symbolic of a core concept I use in my work as a psychologist. Deep psychotherapy is about seeing the hand you were dealt and playing it, too. So this card is potent in my own lexicon. The wax seal indicates my unwavering commitment to my parents - we are sealed together. Clearly, the wings and extraction say I'm taking off from the early childhood sister conceptions. The top book is the old story. The fresh book beneath is the NEW story I am writing. The sassy girl peaking out of the grunge and brocade….well if you follow my pages you will probably see her again. She's wanting to know…."You? What about YOU? Are you living TRUE?" and are you writing true?

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