This will be the title page for the dd's Summer 2009 album.

We often tease you because you are always talking and sometimes you never seem to be quiet for very long, but the truth is you have such enthusiasm for life and everything that you do. Your joy radiates from your eyes and your infectious laugh. You often cannot contain your excitement and it brightens the world around you. I hope that you always have that passion for life in all that you do.
Love, Momma

Cathy Zielske
Template - Design Your Life Class Week 3

Anna Aspnes
Weathered Neutrals Paperie No. 02
(white paper background and also recolored to blue)

Lynn Grieveson
Tatty Alphabet
Worn Page Edges

Ali Edwards
Hand Drawn Overlay Grids No. 01 (cut apart and used in pieces)

Double Scratch and Arial

TFL!! -- Lisa