For the iTunes Inspiration: loved this clean & simple design!

Journaling: Itís absolutely delightful to see you these days. The girl who was afraid to drive the half mile to church has mastered not only I-84 through Waterbury but also the 6 1/2 hours between home and Houghton. The girl who had to be pushed into a single community college course has become an old hand at classroom behavior, test taking, paper writing, and all the rest that school entails. The girl who used to freeze in fear when we discussed college is now a thriving deanís list student. Sure, you have room to grow. (You could stop predicting failure at every turn, for starters.) But how cool to see how far your Savior has brought you in just a few years!

Michelle Martin Bella Kit
Ali Edwards You Word Art
Katie Pertiet Just Be Word Art; Tabbed Frames.
Pattie Knox Staple Its.
Font Asenine.